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Salming Distance 4 Men

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The D4 version of the original Salming Distance shoe is even lighter. Another 6% weight has been cut away through a new two-layer upper construction instead of three-layer. The D4 has a soft plush first feel and it is designed to help you overcome both long distances and hard surfaces. The improved RunLite™ midsole compound offer greater responsiveness.

 RunLite™ Midsole.
 The RunLite™ midsole features a special High Abrasion Injection EVA, designed to create a nice feel for the ground. The midsole is light and responds to the surface in a flexible way from the very first step.

 Torsion Efficiency Unit™.
Responsive without being overly supportive – The Torsion Efficiency Unit™ brings sturdiness to the shoe. It is appropriately placed to generate maximal running efficiency. The Distance model features a semi-transparent TPU, while the Race model is powered by a lightweight carbon fiber torsion unit.

 Exo Skeleton.
 The Exo Skeleton design stabilizes the foot in lateral movements and relieves pressure at the MTP joints (Metatarsophalangeal joints). This part of the design construction eliminates friction and reduces the impact of the side forces in the soft parts of the foot, especially underneath the forefoot

 TGS 62/75°.
 The distance from heel to the ball of foot (62% of the shoe) has been designed with extra stability, which ends in the so-called “ballet” line, a 75° angle. In front of the 75° line, we have equipped the shoe with greater flexibility to stimulate the foot’s natural movements. The TGS 62/75° feature assures that the shoe bends in exactly the right places, stimulating the foot’s natural lateral and forward movements.

 2 Layer Construction.
 Our lightest shoes feature a 2 layer upper construction which adds durable abilities while keeping the weight at a minimum. This results in extremely breathable characteristics and a quick, responsive feel to running experience.

 Drop 5mm.
 Our standard heel to toe drop of 5 mm sets up a natural running posture, allowing a correct lean throughout the stride. This drop is used in Distance, Speed and Race models.

 Our heel cup is specifically designed to add minimal weight to your shoes, creating a transformable, adaptive fit.

 Outer Sole.
 A combination of real rubber in the heel section and light weight blown rubber in the mid and forefoot.